Words in New York

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So dramatic!

This has made me laugh really loudly, twice.

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Whedonverse Appreciation: Winifred Burkle Appreciation Month

It’s always the quiet ones.
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This is just… awkward. My name is Clint. I really don’t want to fight. Can I borrow a locker?

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I’m not sure what the upside is to having a blue square with soulless eyes as part of a collection is

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"My gonna keep adding things to your job description, Nicholas. Like holding things while I cut them. Hey, how many fingers do you need to be a mathematician?"
~My boss

One of the nightmarish most fun parts of working at the library circulation desk all day is the sheer number half finished tasks that build up because you have to drop everything to help the inconsiderate walnuts lovely patrons.
But at least I’m not working children’s! :D


Wallace-Bolyai-Gerwien theory is the theory that any two polygons are equidecomposable. 

That is that one can be cut into finitely many polygon pieces and be rearranged to obtain the second polygon. 

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Jack Crawford heard the rhythm and syntax of his own speech in Graham’s voice. He had heard Graham do that before, with other people. Often in intense conversation Graham took on the other person’s speech patterns. At first, Crawford had thought he was doing it deliberately, that it was a gimmick to get the back-and-forth rhythm going.
Later Crawford realized that Graham did it involuntarily, that sometimes he tried to stop and couldn’t.

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